ipoquest partners
platform specification documents
the purpose of this project was to design a private social platform that facilitated member relationship building through private data exchange.

the result was a document defining the actors, use case scenarios, navigation, ui wireframes, development prioritization, and minimally viable product referred to by the system development team.
sample wireframes
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interaction-driven VDR
the purpose of this system was to create a relationship-building interaction between two members and to allow per-member permisioning of private data.
sample flow diagram
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objective/subjective profiles
the purpose of this system was to display large amounts of member-specific information that kept private data private while allowing for customizeable data layouts to both the profile owner and profile viewer. any data mismatching between these two profile views was designed as an opportunity to begin data-driven member interactions.
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visual identity
the purpose of this project was to establish ipoquest partner's visual identity including logo, website, internal documents and printed materials.
initial mockups
final logo
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real money
ui/gamification strategy
the purpose of this project was to lessen the learning curve of new members to the platform and to create more opportunities for member interaction.

the result was system design and strategy documents defining the platform's gamification system referred to by the development team, copyrighters, and design team.
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website design
the purpose of this design is to allow the display of many different types of content with asynchronous yet subtle animations that neither distracts from the content nor degrades in performance on any device.
the design is intended to be responsive while using the same html, css, and javascript for all aspects of the site and keeping a clean content/style/function separation between its files.
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sample wireframes
sample mockups
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the economic growthstars awards
visual identity
the purpose of this project was to establish the economic growthstars awards visual identity including website, logo and promotional material.
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stephen standridge
i hope you've found what you're looking for.
(and secretly wonder what it is)
I am currently looking for a work-type project in california.
if you have or know of any opportunities feel free to contact me.

thank you for visiting.

[linkedin.com] stephen standridge
[email] stephen@formisfunction.io

keep in touch.
i most enjoy creating unique and meaningful user interactions whether that be through front-end language alchemy or designing systems from the use-case scenarios on up.

planning, architecture, design, and execution.

in my toolbox i have javascript, css3, html5, svg, php, ruby and some libraries associated with those languages.

if you would like to see some samples, feel free to check under the hood.

i have several clients i can refer you to upon request.
hello and welcome to my work.
i am a user interaction and user experience designer.

i design user-focused systems and create aesthetically pleasing interactions and interfaces, treading that imaginary line between form and function.

i utilize web languages, system architecture, design and illustration.

ultimately, i help spread ideas, inspire emotion, and teach through an innovative user experience.